I know what you are thinking, I could never live without TV. I felt the same way, but now I don’t even miss it. But I’m not asking you to give up your TV all together, I’m suggesting you try out streaming your shows. Did you know you could hook up your computer to your TV and watch your computer shows on the big screen?

Our bill for cable was pretty high and we really needed to try and cut out some things. I was deep into my TV addiction. I was used to having it on in the background forever. I couldn’t imagine life without it. But I was willing to try it and we will never pay for cable again.

That first month we setup the upstairs TV with the computer. We purchased a wireless mouse and keyboard for our remote. And my crafty hubby created our setup just for that room. (If you don’t have a crafty hubby you can purchase special boxes online or at a computer stores that do the same thing.)

I  love watching new shows on Hulu like Heroes, Stargate: Universe, FastForward, Kings and more. But I can also watch old shows like Highlander and 21 Jumpstreet. It is tons of fun to watch a show episode to episode. We also have gotten a Netflix account which I enjoy a lot because we can get movies on our TV instantly. They have some fun things for Zane on Netflix also like Barney, Blue’s Clues and Mighty Machines. (We also watch Disney channel on their website, because that’s Zane’s favorite.)

The best part is that I have broken the addiction. I do not need anything running in the background just because. I also realized how much junk I was watching. Now I can watch the shows I want and miss all the crud that is out there that I wasn’t really interested in anyways.

This works for me. What Works for You?

Do you use Hulu or Fancast? What are your favorite shows on them?

Written by

Pepper Ferguson

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