Works for Me Wednesday

On the rainy, blustery days that fill December and January here in Oregon there is one thing that Works for Me on a little 2 year old with cabin fever…the trampoline.

We have a small garage, we can fit the car into it but it’s a pain to get out of the car once it’s in there. Plus we lost the remote to the garage door, so we just don’t use it. Until we got this trampoline for Zane’s birthday.

Now when I just can’t stand Zane making another running lap around the kitchen bar I send him to the garage to burn his energy on the trampoline.

One reason I know this is a good idea is that my neighbor came over with her 4 year old and when she saw it she ran out and bought one to put in her garage also.

We also have a huge power wheels in the garage, that doesn’t work. That Zane loves to play on when he gets bored of jumping. We have also considered putting a swing in the garage also.

So if you live in an area where you get stuck in the house for months on end, consider converting your garage or part of your garage into a little play area. (Just make sure you childproof your garage if you are going to leave your little ones unattended.)

Don’t forget February is Freebie month here at Pepper Scraps. You can find all kinds of free printables throughout the month! Check out my previous post for play doh labels that you can use to turn little mini containers into valentine’s for your little one’s (or for you to hand out to your friends and co-workers). 🙂

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