We were sitting at my work waiting for them to take me back because I have another eye infection. Zane loves going to my work because he knows right where to find the toys. This day he found the puzzle. I think this is a really neat puzzle. There is no right way to put it together. All the little wood pieces are squares and on each square a picture that is a part of a house or grass or sky.

Zane just loved the little peices and started dumping them out. We started distracting him by pointing out the different animals on some of the tiles and going over animal sounds. Then he took the tiles to Zarek and would show him an animal, tell him what it was and tell him what it says.

“Sheep, Baa, Baa.” As Zane holds the little picture of a sheep under Zareks nose. Go put down the sheep tile pick up the pig tile and say, “Pig, Oink, Oink.”

It was so sweet and special to watch him try and teach his little baby brother.

Written by

Pepper Ferguson

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