A Sad Day: Saying Bye to Day Care

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Today is a sad day.

It’s the last day the boys will be going to daycare. Which is sad in so many different ways.

It’s sad because we will miss our dear daycare lady as she has been so wonderful with the boys. She has watched Zane for over 3 years and this is going to be such a big change.

It’s sad because they will have less little friend time as they loved spending time with their friends at daycare.

It’s sad because I was hoping that this day would mean that I was staying home with them. But no they will now just be seeing Granny more.

It’s sad because when they went their I didn’t have to worry about schedules and them eating. They had their own schedules when they went to daycare and it worked.

It’s sad because Granny days are hard on the boys. Their schedule is always off. They are tired, cranky, and hungry when I get home and it’s hard to deal with that when you have worked all day.

But hopefully this means one more step towards me staying home and the little ones getting on a good schedule and we can do more fun things together.

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