Family Fun! Renaissance Festival

Do your kids have an amazing imagination? Do they love to pretend to be knights, heroes, princesses, queens, pirates and more? Then you should check out the amazing world of the Renaissance Faire! We got to have the amazing experience to step into a world of old when we recieved free tickets to the Oregon Renaissance Festival.

Ren Faire_6

As soon as you step through the  gates you are transported to a new world filled with entertainers, pirates, knights, fairies, and more.

Ren Faire

We met fun characters from pixies to pirates. It was amazing to enteract with all the amazing characters including the hero who taught the boys how to bow and the secret handshake of heroes. Every step you met someone new and amazing.

Ren Faire_1

Some of our favorites were the pixie who shared his ears with the boys and the mermaids who gave Zarek a mermaids tear.

Ren Faire_2

There were so many amazing shows, it was definitely a all day event. I recommend looking over the events of the day and planning what you want to see. We watched the jousting tournament, the live chess game, the pirates Greatest Story Never Told, the Cirque de Sewer with the amazing talented rats, and the  Falconry Demonstration.

Ren Faire_3

Not only did we have a fun day jumping into a world of fantasy, but we got to learn too! At the falconry show we got to learn some amazing facts about  the beautiful birds from Sky Kings Falconry.

Ren Faire_4

There were 6 different beautiful birds including owls, falcons and vulture.

Ren Faire_5
I highly recommend visiting the Renaissance Faire with your family, you will find it a day filled with magic and imagination. If you live in Oregon you can still get tickets for this weekend’s Oregon Renaissance Festival.

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