This week I made a choice, I made the choice to just relax. That means no photos of Bentos,  just talking. Talking about how sometimes moms just need to take a break. Don’t be the overachieving mom that burns herself out.

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Know When You Need a Break

I knew this week was going to be stressful. We had a crazy weekend, I didn’t get a break from our busy lives during the weekend. Because we were so busy I didn’t get to plan the weeks lunches either.

I knew if I tried to make fun, fancy Bentos and try to photo them before the sun went down I would stress all week about it.

I made the choice not to stress and take a Bento Post break. I did do bentos, but quick ones, no stress ones. I even did the cute one above.

Sometimes you just gotta breathe. I used to do it all–all the time. Food art, parties to die for, volunteer always, room mom. I had to back off of it. Know what, they still eat sandwiches even if they aren’t in the shape of a dinosaur. And you know what else? They love you just as much regardless. Take a break. And don’t feel guilty! – Denise

Your Kids Want You, Not Crazy Stressed Out Mom

We love doing special things, like Bentos, for our kids, but we need to be aware of ourselves and when we start doing too much.

Sometimes as Mom’s we forget that making things fun and special for our kids is great, but if it stresses us out our kids would rather have us. Not crazy, stressed Mom.

Kids like it when über mom takes a break too. I shocked the hell out of my kids the other night when I said at 9:30pm, “Who thinks we need pumpkin pie?” Two grocery stores and a warm pumpkin pie later (along with a can of whipped cream primarily consumed directly from the can!) they said, “Who are you and where is our mom?”  All the years of homemade organic baby food, non-GMO label searches, and early morning lunch scrambles are always worth it, but it’s fun to keep them guessing too! – Melody

Sometimes Our Kids Need a Break Too

I think Zane could feel my stress about making his lunches special. He came home one day and cried because he didn’t like the lunch I packed. I sat with him and told him it was fine, “just let me know what you didn’t like so I don’t pack it again”.

Our kids are more aware of things than we think, if you are making a big deal of things and stressed your kids will know and react. They may not even react the way you would think they would either.

NO Mommy Guilt

The only way to make taking a break work you need to say “NO” to Mommy Guilt. Mommy Guilt is not healthy and it does not fit in the Healthy Mom = Healthy Family motto! Mommy guilt not only effects you and your health, but it effects your kids too!

Remember Healthy Mom = Healthy Family so that means you need to take care of yourself to take care of your family.

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Pepper Ferguson

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