Jack N’ Jill Natural Toothpaste sent us a couple tubes of their Organic Toothpaste to try out in exchange for a review. My boys were jumping at the fun flavors we got: Banana and Blueberry.

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Bad Mama

I’m a bad mama brushing our teeth have not been on the top of my nighttime list with two boys running around screaming and all wound up and exhausted. But I’ve been making a real effort at trying to make sure that they get their teeth brushed and their faces washed.

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Brushing your teeth is not just about not getting cavities. Your teeth effect your body in so many ways.

To date, scientists have found links between periodontal disease and a number of other problems, including: Heart disease, Diabetes, Dementia, Rheumatoid arthritis, Premature birth – via Web MD

I’m really trying to work on making brushing our teeth a good healthy habit for bedtime for the whole family.

Bedtime Routine

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I used to have a bedtime routine chart with Zane when he was little and it really helped him know what he had to do and what exactly led up to bedtime. But juggling in Zarek was hard, especially when their bedtime routines were so different. But I just the other day I realized Zarek has the same routine as Zane now so it would be good to have a bedtime routine chart again!

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I purchased a pack of baseball card holders to hold tasks. I then created a card for each boy and three cards for the things I wanted them to do for bedtime: Get Dressed, Wash Face, & Brush Teeth.

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As they do each activity they take the card and place it behind the Done Card. When all the cards are all put away they get a high five and a bedtime story.

How does Jack N’ Jill Help?

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I loved that Jack N’ Jill’s toothpaste was not only healthy, all natural, organic, with no allergens,  but they have made their tooth paste fun with their great flavor options. My boys start jumping up and down in excitement when they get to pick their flavor for the night. If you get Jack N’ Jill get a couple flavors to add some fun to picking out your toothpaste and even creating new flavor combos each night!

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