When Zane was born I made a goal to have pictures of him for every month in the first year of his life. I wanted to be able to look back and see how he changed through the year. To be able to remember each little milestone for every month.

To do this I marked the 9th of each month down on the calendar as Picture Day. Zane was born on the 9th, so this was a special day in my mind already. Each month the 9th was a mini-birthday and I would always stop and think, “One month older.”

I wouldn’t necessarily take pictures on the 9th, but I knew if I didn’t have any photos for the month yet that I needed to make a point to take some.

Sometimes I would do cute little setups, like put him in with tons of stuffed animals or put him in red, white and blue for July. Sometimes I would just take pictures of him doing his new feat of the month, like rolling over or walking.

One of the things that grew from this was that after the 9th I started emailing the photographs to friends and family. I would write about what was happening this month in his life. Now I make a goal to get photos of both boys and send out my emails about their different stages and their interactions with each other.

It is really fun to look back at Zane’s photos and be able to compare them to Zarek’s and see how much different and alike they are.

Do you take a lot of photos of your children or just a few? How do you keep your photos organized?

Written by

Pepper Ferguson

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