#Mamavation Monday: Getting Back Into a Routine

This week was all about getting back into a routine or actually creating a new routine. I even pulled out my old schedule spreadsheet to create a new schedule for our day.  It’s hard when your routine has been rocked. How do you deal with schedule/routine changes? Do you have tips on how to make it easier?

This Weeks Goals:

  • Call doctor and get in for a check
  • 3 days of exercise
  • Log calories everyday
  • Watch Weight Loss Guru Video every day off

The Menu:


Zucchini Pizza Boats

wasabi egg salad



mexican meatloaf_4

  • Sunday: Peach Cardamom Clafouti (Recipe coming soon!)

Favorite Food Pin of the Week:

Source: manifestvegan.com via Pepper on Pinterest

What’s on your menu this week!? I would love it if you would share a favorite recipe or suggest a recipe to try for my family!

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